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We make it easier for you to gift an interactive experience

about us

bizlite is India's largest and most innovative NFC products store, where tradition meets technology to create unforgettable experiences. 

Owned by Rupantran Biz Pvt. Ltd. and operated by Anmol Ratan Sachdeva, bizlite finds and launches unique NFC products for every day use. We specialize in bringing the latest NFC innovations to your fingertips, ensuring every celebration and ritual is enhanced with modern convenience.

about us

First Time in India

Our extensive range of NFC greeting & Aarti card products is designed to add a personal touch to your special moments, making every occasion memorable and unique.

Imagine sending a birthday wish to your best friend that comes alive with a personalized video message, or celebrating Diwali with your family through a heartfelt video embedded in a greeting card. These cards are not only a gift but a keepsake, cherished for years to come.

about us

More than just greetings

bizlite takes pride in offering an exclusive collection of NFC Aarti Bhajan cards too. 

Designed to simplify your Pooja rituals, these cards play devotional songs or Aartis when tapped or scanned with a smartphone. Whether you are seeking the blessings of Shree Raam, Shiv Ji, Ambe Maa, or any other deity, our NFC Aarti Bhajan cards bring spirituality and technology together seamlessly. These cards are perfect for daily prayers or special religious ceremonies, ensuring you never miss an Aarti, no matter where you are.

about us